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Concerted veterinary hospitals - Insurances for horses

Know our agreements   

If there is a health problem covered by your policy, if your vet recommends moving to a hospital because of the severity of symptoms, you can take your horse to any officially recognized as veterinary hospital. If you choose a concerted hospital with us, you will not have to advance the expense incurred so that we subsequently refund it to you: we will pay directly to the concerted hospital.

List of concerted veterinary hospitals FULLCOVER

Then, we inform you about the concerted hospitals in Spain. This list may be subjected to changes. If you want information as updated as possible, write an e-mail to pdelpozo@fullcover.eu.

Some hospitals offer special conditions for insured with FULLCOVER, both treatments, those which are covered by the policy and those which are not covered. Click on the magnifying glass to know them.